Why Manufacturing in the Bay Area?

The Bay Area Manufacturing Renaissance Council (BAMRC) is focused on enabling the region to better compete in a global economy – and to develop the knowledge and capacity to improve manufacturing in other California regions and nationally.

California has by far the largest manufacturing workforce of any state, with more than 1.4 million workers in this sector. The greater San Francisco Bay region represents an important and diverse concentration of manufacturing in California and has over 300,000 manufacturing jobs.

Bay Area manufacturers are increasingly moving towards the production of high value-added products where we still enjoy a competitive advantage in the global economy.  One of the greatest challenges of these companies is the recruitment of employees at all levels of the firm that have the competencies to do skilled and complex work.

Bringing together a range of organizations—including manufacturing companies and their associations, labor unions, local government, the educational community, and organizations representing community interests—the BAMRC is focused on building educational pathways in both secondary and post-secondary programs of study in the East Bay region to address this workforce challenge, and to establish the East Bay as a global leader in Advanced Manufacturing.


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